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Fin Tube Coils


Condenser coils are manufactured to withstand the high pressure and temperature associated with refrigerant condensing. Various fin and tube combinations provide design flexibility. Wider fin spacing is also available to minimize dirt and dust build-up. Optional corrosion-resistant materials and protective coatings help increase the service life of the coil.


Evaporator coils are designed for industrial applications such as freezing, food processing, pressure cooling and cold storage. These are custom engineered for operation with almost any working fluid, temperature range and environmental condition.


Direct Expansion Evaporator coils are engineered that deliver maximum heat transfer efficiency under a wide range of operating conditions to meet the performance requirements of various applications.

Chilled / Hot Water Coils

Chilled water and hot water coils are designed to meet a variety of cooling needs. from HVAC to industrial process requirements, BFI’s ability to vary the materials of construction allows for the proper coil to match the customer’s specific need. Optional coating applied to coils or pre-coated fin stock can be offered to increase the service life of the coil under a corrosive environment.


Heavy-duty steam and steam-distributing coils are built to withstand a wide range of steam pressures. BFI Steam Coils are used in industrial air heating and processing and HVAC applications. Steam coil construction is available for high and low-pressure applications and is a very effective way to heat air.


Breeze Frost Industries is well equipped to manufacture Charge Air Coolers or Inner Coolers in a variety of shapes and sizes for replacement. These Coolers are specific heat exchangers that are particularly used in compression sections in industries. Our flexible manufacturing platform along with full production capabilities is available to meet the customer's exact need for replacement.


Breeze frost industries can also replicate coils already in customers’ use. The latest technology is used to manufacture coils for custom applications. BFI can customize coils in various fin designs and tubing materials.

Wire on Tube Condensers

Breeze Frost Industries (Pvt.) Limited offers a wide range of Wire on Tube Condenser that is widely used in various applications. Like refrigerators, Freezers and Water Coolers, for original equipment manufacturers OR replacement in domestic and commercial sectors. These are available in all capacities and shapes.

Wire on Tube Condensers for


Bunch Condensers for

• Chest Freezers
• Deep Freezers
• Water Coolers
• Display Units / Visi Coolers

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