Wire On Tube Condensers

Breeze Frost Industries (Pvt.) Limited offers a wide range of Wire on Tube Condenser that is widely used in various applications. These are available in all capacities and shapes.;

Wire-on-Tube Condensers for

  •    Refrigerators

Bunch Condensers for

  •    Chest Freezers
  •    Deep Freezers
  •    Water Coolers
  •    Display Units / Visi Coolers
RAW MATERIAL Bundy tube: Dia 4.76mm. 6.35mm & 8mmWall Thickness 0.60mm — 0.70mmLow carbon steel wire: Dia 1.3mmBracket: Steel plate thickness 0.7mm
STRUCTURE 1) Flat type wire on tube condenser used on the back2) Bended or Bunch type wire on tube condenser used at the bottom
KEY PROCESS • Tube bending• Welding with steel wires• Bracket fixing• Folding or bending to shape

• Coating

• Inspections and packing

TECHNICAL ABILITY BFI can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients.
COATING Black Powder
Wire on tube 3